31 Day Blog Challenge -Day 2: “21 Facts About Me”

Welcome to Day 2 of this fun little challenge!  I will be writing this entry as more of a Bullet Style Journal — jotting in bullet form some strange and relatable facts about me. I’ll try to keep this interesting for you readers out there, and hopefully you are still with me. Don’t forget, you can also join me on this journey by blogging along on your own 31 Day Blog Challenge linking your own blog page, or privately. Some have even shared quick blurbs on Instagram!. Either way is therapeutic and a great way to get the linguistic juices flowing. Feel free to comment below, or add your own blog page link as you blog along with me.

“21 Facts About Me”

  1. I am not a morning person – the old joke at my workplace was “Don’t ask Shari any important questions before 10am”. Someone even printed a poster like that for my wall!
  2. I have double jointed thumbs – totally freaks people out when I twirl them Dr. Suess Style.
  3. Speaking of thumbs, my left thumb got slammed in a car door when I was a kid. Hurt like hell – and turned black within an hour. I tell you, it is weird feeling when swimming and feeling your thumbnail waiting to fall off. The little crescent in the nail bed still has the “scar”.
  4. I am a Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer. I LOVE to Dance! Wasn’t always co-ordinated, so I had to work at it. My mom has a picture of me in gymnastics in a Rockette Style line – my foot was the only one up, wrong leg, knee and ankle at a 45 degree angle. Not graceful at all!!
  5. I am not currently employed at a “9-5 job”, but stay at home, taking care of business and home. It’s not easy, but it is satisfying and I am happier.
  6. I grew up the second oldest (oldest daughter) in a family with 6 kids
  7. I love unicorns and dragons. Opposites attract, I suppose! Just call me Pewter Glitter and I’m there!
  8. I used to paint in acrylics. I should start that up again… I still have all kinds of blank canvas and paints laying about.
  9. When I am idle, I struggle with depression and feelings of self-worth. When I fall, I have to remember – It is not how often you fall, but what you do when you get back up. This can be a struggle not only for me, but for many of you out there.
  10. I have a hard time “finishing what I’ve started”. I have loads and loads of unfinished crafting projects in my closets and bins. Scrapbooking, crochet, painting, needlepoint, and even some squares cut out for quilting! Ahhhh – someone help me!
  11. My nickname as a child among the kids at school was “squeaky”
  12. I like writing poetry
  13. I have been hospitalized for a migraine. So all you sufferers out there, I feel your pain.
  14. I was bullied mercilessly in senior public school- from the first day, to the last. Then I went to a different high school. And after shutting down a first “attempt”, never bullied again.
  15. I used to run. A lot. Now, I can’t even jog down the street
  16. I was a night sky geek – still love the universe beyond, but can now only name a few of the constellations.
  17. I am an avid National Geographic reader. Feeds my love of the Earth and everything within, around, and above it. Scoured my aunt’s massive collection as a child, until my grandmother got me a year subscription as a wedding present 25 years ago. I have not missed an issue. Thanks Grandma! Find them on YouTube!
  18. I love comic books, graphic novels… the art, the style, and the imagination!! My younger brother only let me read his X-Men comics when we were teenagers. He knew I took care of them
  19. I am an avid Xena Warrior Princess fan. Have all seasons on DVD, the plates on my car…Even the music notes to “Joxer, The Mighty”
  20. I love period pieces – movies and books, fact or fiction, created around Ancient and Pre-historic civilizations. Not to mention geeking out on documentaries!
  21. I like to bake more than cook. Especially the yummy Christmas cookies – sold gingerbread houses from scratch one year.

And that’s “21 Facts About Me” :).

Remember – you can join me on this little challenge by doing this with your own blog and sharing – OR – you can do this in your notebook or your computer, and keep it all to yourself. Nothing says you need to share, this can be more for your own discovery. If you want to share your blog, great! Be sure to link your blog in the comments so that we can follow along and go on this journey together. Thank you for joining me. We will see you on the flip side! Here’s the link to the Pinterest that helped inspire this list- “31 Day Blog Challenge”

Next up: “The Meaning of My Business Name”. Join me on this quest… Stay tuned!

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