31-Day Blog Challenge, Day 25 – “Best Physical Features”

Ok – now it’s time to be good to ourselves. Love yourself today. What is your best physical feature(s)? Go ahead, indulge, and don’t be afraid of boasting. This blog ain’t humble 🙂

Mine — would be my feet. They take me places. They help me walk, and Dance! They are great for quick escapes out of sticky situations – yes, I can run. Don’t like to anymore, but if I needed to, flight is always an option.

And I like my legs. Oddly enough, my mom says I have my “Dad’s Legs” – and sometimes, when I don’t feel like shaving, can get just as hairy haha. But I bet THAT was TMI.  I like to twirl. I love to dance. I love how they look in a long dress with a slit – or a short dress – or a pair of shorts! The only thing is, I think that the fashion houses now make pants longer, so I find I often have to drape my legs in the petite sizes (length).

When you look at me, you might not think so, but I am blessed with a long torso. That is my third favourite feature. A long torso helps you look slimmer, AND taller. It’s great for doing all the slinky things in Tribal Belly Dance Fusion.

And there you have it – my two favourite features. Funny how they are ALL below my boobs!! Haha.

PS — Like the foot sandal/ankle wrap in the above pic? It is available in my Square store – to see it, click — here.  Scroll down to the “Anklet & Foot Sandals” section!

Until next time, see you on the Flip Side!

Tomorrow’s topic: “5 Favourite Blogs” – not sure what I’m going to put for this one, as I am relatively new to the ‘blog scene’. We will see!

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