31-Day Blog Challenge, Day 26- “5 Favourite Blogs”

Wow! I can’t believe I am almost done this blog challenge. It has gone by really quickly! Thank you everyone who has stood by me and cheered along the way. And thank you to those who have decided to do this along with me 🙂

So, speaking on blogs, here are 5 I follow – with the clickable links in red for easy access:

Crystals & Creations – a blog about healing crystals and gemstones that is easy to use, and speaks not only about the gemstones, but ways to cleanse, set up an altar, and other uses of crystals on a more spiritual plane. — Crystals & Creations.com

Glitter, Cats & Wine – a friend’s blog about coping with mental illness with a dose of humour. She has a great way of writing that I find myself laughing and crying along with her. — Glitter, Cats & Wine

“Deb’s Brain”  – my sister — she is an amazing “crafter of words” and I sure hope she gets to writing that book she wants to publish someday – DVDsbrain.blogspot.com

Luminiscence  – a client, who we became quick friends – who is a talented astrologer. Her perspective and insight on how the planets and stars affect the world around us is quite astounding. I love reading her stuff! – The Luminescence

Made Urban  – a fantastic ‘go-to’ place for all things craft show oriented. For us artists who are out there struggling on trying to find that ‘sweet spot’ – between pricing, niche markets, and business how-to’s to make our lives as handmade artisans easier. Made Urban Blog

And that, my dear readers is it!! A little mishmash of blogs that help me with life, art, and my business. There are more out there that I do like, but this posting only asked for 5 🙂

Thanks for joining me – Until next time, see you on the Flip Side!

Tomorrow’s topic: “What Makes Me Feel Better, Always”. There are a few I can think of right now, but that will need to wait until tomorrow.

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