31-Day Blog Challenge: Day 27 – “What Makes Me Feel Better, Always”

Hmmm, what makes me feel better, every time? It’s not food, drugs, or alcohol (I don’t do drugs, not even pot- don’t like the smell of it, and I am an occasional drinker) I love food, but that’s not it. I do love my crystals and stones – and although it is a close call, that’s not it either. Taking a nap? My spouse might think so, but that’s not it. Painting, or drawing? Nope – close, but nope.  I have two that are tied – I can’t decide between them:

Dancing, or sitting on a quiet beach watching the water and the sky are tied for what makes me feel better, every time. Some might think – why not both at the same time? Although it sounds very pleasant, it wouldn’t quite hit the spot as much as being done separately.

Dancing – whether alone, or in a crowd, is more of a moving, social, external event. Even when I’m dancing alone in my living room, I still feel like I am sending energy outwards, externally. Moving along with the music, getting lost into it gets me every time. If I am in a club, I prefer a quieter corner of the floor where there is more room where I can get lost in my space. Please, don’t come up grinding on me – me no likey that, and unless invited, I find it an invasion of my personal space, and my energy. You might get dagger eyes coming at you, or worse.  That’s why I mostly prefer dancing alone in my living room, or in a class environment. We each have our own space, at our own level, and there for our own purposes. And we all understand and laugh at our own follies.

A 60 second Instagram clip of some of the medatative dance I like to do – here

Sitting alone on a quiet beach – coffee in hand, watching the water. That is tied for first, right along with dancing. Perfect for moments when I need quiet reflection, time to think and get my frequencies back to normal. Doing this with my spouse, a close member of my family, or a close friend is also quite relaxing, especially when I don’t really want to be alone. Having their spirit beside me, sharing the same space, while quietly reflecting on the scenery is enough for me. There is a trend here with the water watching — quiet time. :). Sorry chatterboxes!!

And there you have it — these are the two things that make me happy, Every Time! If you find yourself somewhere and you need your happy place now, try imagining what that is for you, and take yourself there. And if you REALLY need that “feel better, every time” thing, schedule it. Make time for it. You’ll be glad you did!

Until next time, find something that makes you happy, Every Time, and we’ll see you on the Flip Side!

Tomorrow’s topic: “Last Time I Cried” – happy tears, or sad/angry ones…

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