31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3: “Meaning Of My Business Name”

This blog challenge was inspired by a good friend of mine who challenged people to begin journalling, and looking over Pinterest, I brought it to another type of journalling – Blogging. The original Pinterest link here

People may ask – “What’s in a Name?” That’s a very important question indeed. I once had a boss who told me that remembering people’s names is important, and I suppose that would extend to one’s business name too. When I was figuring out what to name my handmade jewelry business, I had about 3 pages of different names scrawled out on paper! This wasn’t easy!

So, I came up with – “MixedElementals” and then decided to add the “Jewelry & Things” to it after. With only “MixedElementals”, nobody would know what I’m selling, and the “& Things” would allow me to add the jewelled accessories in the future – pouches, hair accessories, bookmarks etc. Anything that was “jewelled”.

Since I seriously have the “squirrel brain” and can’t seem to stick to one thing/type, the “Mixed” part of my name was formed. I love working with multiple mediums – stone, metal, textiles, repurposed items, up-cycled/re-cycled things, shells, bits of wood – anything that can be formed into wearable art. That’s the idea anyways! I am always looking at new things to learn, how to create different pieces.

The “Elementals” part comes from my love of the Earth, and my childhood love of stones. The influences of the 4 Elements – Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Of opposites coming together and becoming one cohesive unit. My inner nerd-out lover of science. The building blocks of the world, the universe, and humanity. The creative elements of ancient storytelling, of the magical worlds of myth and legend. Heroes and Villains.

All the “Elements” that make the world, the universe, and everyone/everything in it so fascinating. I am glad to be visiting this planet for a little while.

And to be a little different and whimsical, I chose to put the two words together as one word, with a Capital “M” and a Capital “E” – so when you use only the capital letters, you get “ME”. I have always been told I am unique, and one of a kind. I hope to reflect that in my craft. Whatever path it may lead me down, I am willing to let it lead.

So yes, choosing a business name for me was no easy feat. Thanks for tuning in!

Tomorrow, we will be going waaaaaay back with “Earliest Childhood Memory”

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