31-Day Blog Challenge, Day 30 – “My Favourite Comfort Food”

I have 3 types of Comfort Food. When I’m feeling alone and blah; need rest and solace after a long day on my feet with depressing sales; and when I NEED to be a Princess…  Here they are, in that order:

If I’m in a pinch and I’m all alone, good ‘ol KD – Kraft Dinner usually does the trick. I say “alone”, so I can eat THE WHOLE BOX. (Well, I don’t eat the cardboard or the other packaging… that would be silly!)

Although KD isn’t what it used to be in the good old days, it is still that gooey, cheesy, pack full of flavour made with all kinds of chemicals you shouldn’t be eating. But – I do anyways…with the ketchup, and sometimes I regret it after eating it…

After a bad day of sales (at a craft show), and I’ve been on my feet and need to decompress and ‘un-people’, it is PIZZA.  Doesn’t really matter what’s in it – as long as it is delivery, with good sauce, a medium crust, and lots of goodies on top. With Netflix.

And last but not least, for my “Princess” Days, BUTTERNUT SQUASH GNOCCHI IN A RICH CREAMY SAUCE. Yes — Every time — with NO “Morning After Regrets”.  Usually, as part of a “Spoil Me Rotten, Take The Princess Out To Dinner” kind of restaurant, with romantic lighting, a good glass of red, and some fresh warm bread. THAT is Comfort Food! And THAT gets me the warm and fuzzies, Every Time!! I put that one in bold, because it is my absolute favourite comfort food!!

– but maybe the warm and fuzzies are partially the wine….


Thanks for joining me. Tomorrow will be my last entry in this 31-Day Challenge!! I can’t believe I have finished it… completed each day, no “latesies”, right to the end!

Tomorrow’s topic is: “Weird Quirk of Mine”. But what if I consider my whole being weird??

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