31-Day Blog Challenge, Day 31 – “A Weird Quirk Of Mine”

Hi!  It is now the Last. Day. Ofmy31dayblogchallenge-Ican’tbeleiveIfinishedit!!!   I thought I would have to think a little about today’s topic, but it came easier than I thought it would!

Quirks are only those things that people do that others do not understand. Reasons why a person has ‘quirks’ may only be understood by the person who is doing them…

As far as I am concerned, I don’t know if anything I do I would really be called weird by my standards, but I’m sure there are some things I do that others (besides me and those like me) would find “odd”. I do things like burn sage or incense after cleaning the house, or after making some of my ‘energy jewelry’.  I may move my lips in silent words while figuring something out. Or when I was younger, organizing my brother’s lego — the old school lego that came in small squares of 2, 4, 6, or 8 “dots” and some angular pieces. He had a whole bus pan full — which I loved to organize for him, if he liked it or not!!! So what would be a quirk I have now?

It would likely be talking to myself – and not just stopping at that. Yes, I also can be found arguing or having a conversation with myself. This is usually found when I am alone, working on something, figuring something out, or just observing something very interesting. I may also be found talking to various plants and animals I come across that may catch my eye. Or even better yet, a piece of stone, or crystal sitting there all shiny like on a shelf or in the ground. “Oh… look at you, all pretty-like. I think I may need to take you home”. And I may also be found laughing out loud at something I read in a book. I usually get strange looks from the hubby at that one!

As for quirks, yes, I have a few. As for regrets? No, I have none.  May you all embrace your quirks like they are your little children. And smile when you notice something interesting in another.   Thank you for joining me on this 31-Day Blog Challenge. Thank you for tuning in, and reading some, if not all of this jibberish I have written with the topics I was given.

Until then… Enjoy Life. Life will enjoy You.

xo – Shari.


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