31 Day Blog Challenge

31 Day Blog Challenge — as found on Pinterest

Ok – I’m going to give this a whirl and see if I can keep going for all 31 days. That is my goal, and I am a little scared about doing this – so…

I don’t always put myself out there, and I should.

This challenge was inspired by a good friend of mine who challenged her Facebook and Instagram followers to start journalling. To write a little something each day. This is something similar, as found on Pinterest when I was searching on tips and help with consistent blogging. I have pinned it to my “Home Life” Board on my Pinterest site.

 Click here to view this “31 Day Challenge” from my Pinterest Board!

Interested in joining me on this quest? Do you write a blog of your own? Let me know in the comments section – and if you have a blog site, attach your link too! I’d like to create one big ol’ happy Blog Family! You can start this 31 Day Blog Challenge too, and we can check in on each other to see how we are coming along. Keep each other on our common goal. Nothing works better than friends helping friends!

Day 1 – Introduction – A little about myself – Putting Myself Out There…

Canadian Made – childhood spent in Northern Ontario, amongst nature, to a city in Southern Ontario in my teens, and I’ve been in the Toronto area ever since. As a child, I was always drawing, painting, gathering rocks, climbing trees, and even doing weird things like writing numbers on pages in order, from 1 to 1000, in different coloured pens. Why did I like to count numbers, when I was always drawing and exploring nature? I suppose that was my left brain fighting for some space in an imaginative right brain head-space. I also did weird things like trying to write with my left hand when I am right handed. I suppose that is the empath in me as well. How the Universe works, and how the Earth functions has always been a fascination of mine too.

I would spend evenings gazing up at the Milky Way, high in the night sky, and days reading National Geographic and finding what makes the world spin. I think my favourite one was the Mount St. Helen’s issue in the early 1980’s. Volcanology and natural disasters fascinated me. Such violent upheavals – and I am usually a gentle soul! I guess it’s like watching Mother Nature’s suspense/horror movie…thrills and spills, afraid to look away, and afraid to watch all at the same time!

I came from a large family, being the second oldest of 6 kids. Being from such a large family – I know there are larger ones out there – we didn’t have a lot of money, so we had to make up our own entertainment. Luckily we were all creative types with big imaginations, where a monopoly game became a game of cops and robbers after someone robs the Bank.


I’ve always been creative – working with my hands and my imagination. I’ve always loved to dance! Performing is so much fun – Tribal Bellydance Fusion is my style, which allows me to move a little freely taking influences from all kinds of other dance styles, fusing it with middle eastern. Currently, I’ve been performing with the No Labels Productions troupe at the local LGBTQect club, Club 717, who have been so generous and accepting of my dance style! I took the liberty in putting an “etc” at the end of LGBTQ because in reality, there is so much more than just the LGBTQ represented here! Let’s just call it “All People”. Here’s a link to one of my more recent performances with fan veil and two veils (the stand up fan behind me gave me a challenge, but for totally improv, it’s not too bad… – click here to view a performance on my not often used YouTube Channel 
Although there are so many wonderful Belly Dance Studios in Toronto, my two favourites are (with clickable links);
The Dark Side Studio  – Modern Bellydance!
Dragonfly Dance – Modern, traditional, with a steampunk twist!

I’ve been married 25 years, being fortunate enough to find my sweetheart at 16. I often tease my nieces about meeting “The One” when they turned 16, and their immediate reaction? “Ewwwwww!! No Way!!!”, which I can understand – that doesn’t happen often at all! My other siblings have been having all the babies, so I have plenty of nieces and nephews. No children of our own – it wasn’t in the cards this lifetime – but I am now ok with that. It was hard to accept at first, myself being barren, but now we have enjoyed our lives and try to be a positive influence to those around us. Especially the younger ones.

So now, after a highly stressful job, I stay at home – taking care of the house, my little fur baby “Roxxy” – a brown cockapoo – while making and selling my hand made jewelry. Truthfully, I make more at local shows than on line, but that is ok. I can work on that. And that, my friends, is a little bit about me, in a nutshell.

If you’re interested in a little more about me, you can click and read my July 2017 blog post “Happy 150 Canada; Growing Up Canadian from Country to City” 

Remember – you can join me on this little challenge by doing this with your own blog and sharing – OR – you can do this in your notebook or your computer, and keep it all to yourself. Nothing says you need to share, this can be more for your own discovery. If you want to share your blog, great! Be sure to link your blog in the comments so that we can follow along and go on this journey together. Thank you for joining me. We will see you on the flip side! Here’s the link to the “31 Day Blog Challenge”

Next up: “20 Facts About Me”. Join me on this quest…  Stay tuned! 

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    1. Luminescence – Thank you for playing along! I love your write up and how you put your own twist on it, keeping it to the theme of your own blog/website/brand! Looking forward to see what you write about next!

    1. Thank you so much! If you blog, keep at it – I need to blog a little more often than I do. After this 31 Day Challenge, I got a little “Blogged Out”, so I will need to get back to a regular (not so often as daily) blogging schedule! New Year Resolution, anyone?

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