4th Annual Health & Wellness Expo – March 26th

You never realize how much you have learned about Chakras and Auras until you are the one sharing your newfound knowledge with others. Truly humbling, and very grateful to all those who came to my booth, and either bought some pieces or just chatted about life and energy!

This event went on from 9:30am to 4pm at Haydenshore Pavillion, 589 Water Street, Whitby. Even though the weather outside was blustery and cool, the atmosphere and energy inside was warm and inviting. Our guests and the vendors were treated to the special treatment and courtesy of our host, James Cook of the JCIC House who ran this as a fundraiser for the JCIC Bursary – proceeds going to a lucky student at Henry Street High School to further their education prospects! Always happy to help the community!

My MixedElementals ElementalEnergy Collection was a hit. It was my sheer joy and pleasure to speak to people about my creative process and how I treat each piece as special as the next. As I bring new stones and beads home, they all go into a sunny corner of my studio to be cleansed. This brings a more positive energy to them as I work with them – and my creative studio time a much happier place. With the ElementalEnergy Collection, as I start a piece, I think of what kind of energy or Spirit I want it to bring to the wearer. As I do this, I pick out the materials I need, and keep thinking of that intention and purpose as the piece is created. This brings a more satisfying and positive energy to my work — and I hope to the wearer of whoever “adopts” my pieces! Once done, they are put back in the sunny window for a “Power Up”.

Along with my ElementalEnergy Collection, I had a few other “sparkly” pieces — some of them will be added to my future ElementalOccasion Collection coming mid-Spring (just in time for Weddings, Proms, and other special occasions), and my ElementalFables Collection which I’ll likely release in the last quarter of this year (just in time for Christmas!)  Once such “sparkly” piece was inspired by one of my loves – SteamPunk. A Swarovski crystal in Peridot, wire wrapped with silver wire into a silver “gear” pendant. This was hung on a black cord (close up pic below without cord). I think it was calling out to this lovely lady who bought it and instantly put it on to wear around the show! She wanted a picture with me, which I graciously accepted.

And the fun continued!  We had some wonderful speakers — learning about Honey Bees and how they work; Epilepsy and the struggle to get the proper help for those suffering; dealing with and preventing hearing loss, and some other wonderful speakers. There were some raffle prizes to be won as well. My Chakra Pow bracelet was donated for the JCIC Bursary — and enthusiastically picked up by the winner – Patricia! Congratulations Patricia! She is a “Wellness Warrior” with Juice Plus+ who helps people on their journey to better health with the use of concentrated whole food nutrition, and who’s with Tower Gardens. If you want more information on what this is all about, please visit her website at www.patriciapearsell.canada.juiceplus.com. I would post her Tower Gardens website but the link wasn’t working properly. Patricia — maybe you can add a comment on this one? Anyways, we had great conversations about positive thinking, and not letting your past determine who you are, but choosing to be inspiring and motivational to others.

So…. Thank you to all those who dropped in, with words of encouragement and love — and I will be seeing you again at my next show, April 9th at the Pickering Recreation Centre- 1867 Valley Farm Road, Pickering. I will be introducing my ElementalOccasions Collection. See you there!!


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