Handmade by Dreams, Life & Inspiration

Each piece I create is inspired by Life and all it encompasses. Creation is organic, and flows with my feelings and thoughts, and experiences. Custom pieces are also designed this way - with the dreams, personalities, and desires of whom it is being created for, melding into a unique piece.  Let me help you express your thoughts into wearable Art.

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Our Story

It started with a trickle, and idea...and some tinkering. Since I was a little girl, I was always drawing, crafting, and attracted to the Arts. I started aiming towards that goal and graduated the local Graphic Arts program... and then ended up in the corporate business world, doing "business-y" things. My original plan as a little girl ran off the rails a bit. Then life presented a gift. The company I worked for moved too far away to reasonably commute, so MixedElementals Jewelry & Things was born!  Art, Creation, and sharing it with everyone is my passion! And I get to share it with you.

The result is my handcrafted Jewelry collection - and as my tagline says - I Know You Like It.  That is my goal.

With repeat customers and loyal followers, Customer Service has always been forefront.

When You Are Happy, I Am Happy.  Our booth has been searched for in local Craft Fairs & Markets, received exceptional feedback on my Etsy shop and Facebook page, and repeat custom commissions ordered and enjoyed. Our Home Parties (new since November 2016) have also been a hit!

Come and enjoy the MixedElementals Experience!  We want to be part of Your Story!

My Silent Support Team

I would like to take this time to publicly acknowledge the HUGE support I have from my husband, my parents (and his) and my family and close friends --and all those repeat customers who have become friends -- I could not do this without you.

And YOU - my customer - make this all possible - this could not happen without YOU.  So Thank You!

So What Can We Do For You?

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