And This Is What I Do!

Some people might wonder — what exactly DO you do all day? It must be soooooo easy working from home!

Well, let me tell ya — it is a different kind of animal working from home, and a new skill set entirely!  The temptation to goof-off, watch the tube, or play in la-la-land all day is much too real sometimes.  Sometimes you just gotta tell yourself — “Come on Lady— Time to Work!”

So, Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go!

And it’s not all just playing in the shop (I wish!).

It may consist of business things like Market Research, Bookkeeping, Database entry, Tracking, pricing, and Shop and Internet posting. Or, on the arts and creative side (besides assembling new pieces) – sketching new ideas, researching new stones and what they mean, viewing new building materials and processes on-line, writing blogs like this one, photographing my new pieces, or shopping for new materials. Shopping is also fun, but easy to do in the extreme. Any shopaholic or bead-lover would tell you the same! That is an entirely different blog for another time… AND there is also organization time, blocking and managing your time for what to do when, booking new shows – and when those shows are approaching- planning your booth setup and take-down. I know my studio can get quite “messy” when working on new pieces, and I just have to say sometimes it looks like a tornado has blown through my table-top!

And when you are not working, your mind is thinking about new ideas, new skills you can learn, getting new inspiration while on vacation, chatting with friends, and simply noticing what type of jewelry is being worn on your favourite TV Shows!

I think what I am trying to say here is — the main thing is to keep focused. I have learned that building a weekly schedule, and keeping track of what you do each day helps a lot!  Mondays and Fridays are usually “creativity days”, Tuesdays may be put aside for database & pricing entry days – and if there is any shipping, done then too. Wednesdays or Saturdays might be “shopping days” – but if there is no shopping to do, (I lie, there ALWAYS is, but that’s the bead-aholic in me), I may put to photographing new product or researching new tools, or website updates. Wednesday is kind of a “pick from the jar” day. Thursdays, I try to post new pieces available — wether on my Etsy shop, or my Facebook page.  I may be looking at setting up a new Canadian shop on my Square account – since that option is also available!

And of course there are always Month-End entries and Newsletters to send out – in which subscribers get special deals! (There is a Newsletter Subscription section on the bottom of each page in this website.)

So….. as you can see, there are a lot of things to do in the day, and at the same time, since I do work from home, I have to remember there may be laundry to do, a house to clean, meals to cook, and my little fur-baby to walk and play with (so she’s not too entirely left out)!  I do love my days — and I can tell you, I’m busier now than when I worked in an office 9-5 Mondays through Fridays!

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