Colours of Fall & Some Of My Favourite Grounding Stones

I love the change of the seasons where I live, and Fall (Autumn) is always one of my favourites. Along with those earthy, rustic colours are some of my favourite crystals and stones for the season. When running my fingers over these raw or polished stones and crystals, a thrill runs through me. I feel the energies from them – some more than others. These are a few of my favourites, along with possibly some of yours.

Tiger Eye & Black Lava — Go Ahead. Be Fearless. Unstoppable.

Powerful. Regal. Majestic. The Song Of The Jungle. Tiger Eye evokes power and success. Release the hesitation to move forward and boldly go where you haven’t gone before, with courage and insight.

Grounded. Strong. Courageous. Lava harnesses the power deep in the Earth to allow us to bounce back and move forward with courage and strength. This stone helps to calm the wearer and dispel anger. Pairing it with an Essential Oil, it adds to it’s soothing and protective powers. I like Sandalwood.

Add a little wood to this fire, and you will be all set. Combining the Tiger Eye and Lava you create a strong and powerful elixir of courage and protection so you can walk the path you are meant to walk.

Carnelian & Amazonite — Fire & Water. Gently Open the Path Of Creation.

Passion. Creation. Fire. The desire to find a better life is out there – and within you. Carnelian allows you to embrace and encourage that artistic flame. Connect you to life’s inner fire.

Soft. Loving. Gentle. Connecting with that fiery energy with your heart centre. Gently balancing the turbulent flames within. Communicating to your inner self that this is ok. Through loving guidance, we will allow ourselves to go that extra distance.

There is a fire within, and since your body mostly consists of water, your desire to ignite the flames of creativity can sometimes be cooled and forgotten “for another day”. Let Today Be The Day to release that flame. Allow your passion and desire to create to come forth. Allow your insight and wisdom to cool a reckless flame, and design your life with purpose and design.

We are all Creators. We all forge our own Destiny. However, in doing so, there must be a Balance. Fire & Water. Motion & Stillness.

Thanks for dropping by! These are only some of my favourites for Fall. Stay tuned for more by following me on this blog.  If you would like one of these beauties, please contact me on either Facebook or Instagram- links to both are at the footer of this page.  I accep

– Blessed Be


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  1. Thank you. I’ve always loved to write, but got away from it for a little while. I know it’s been over a month since my last entry – I will try and submit some new material soon.

    This isn’t a paid topic – it’s one I did myself after some research and reflection. I love working with stones and the energies within them. Thank you for following along!

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