February: The Month of Love

What a better way to warm up the cold month of February than to introduce lovely little stones like Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Bloodstone!



And together, they cover almost all the 7 Chakra’s.  Amethyst for the top, Aquamarine for the heart, and Bloodstone for the Root.  I’ve got more stuff about that in my February Newsletter – if you want to be added, please send me an email!

I’ve had the experience over the last year to really delve into different crystals, and their meanings and influences on the energy around us. Besides looking pretty, the are living things. Yeah, they don’t move around like you or I, but they most certainly influence the energy or the air around us.  Just looking into the calming colours of a large Amethyst Geode crystal — you know the one — with the hard outside, but inside is a hollow filled with pretty, pointy, and PURPLE clear crystals…  *sigh*  I can stare at one of those for HOURS!!  One of these days, I will acquire a good sized specimen for my living room.  Aquamarine is gorgeous too — they are like gazing into the soft blue/green surf of the seas. And just as magical as the mermaids found within.  Bloodstone is a new one for me. It is also called Heliotrope, and was used in ancient times for protection and strength. It’s deep, dark green with flecks of red certainly made this one stick in my mind.

February has also been a journey of discovery for me.  Diving into the “how-to’s” of marketing, finding my niche, and figuring new and better ways to run my studio, and get creative without either breaking the bank or going insane.  Last year, I think I “broke the bank” so to speak – but in doing so, and finding all these little gems, I now have the supplies I have to really get crunching on some spectacular creations!  Each piece I’ve been working on ALWAYS goes through some kind of cleansing – my husband chuckles at this – but it makes me feel better that these are designed and created with intention in mind.  I’ve had the pleasure of recently attending a Level 1 Reiki class – almost 8 hours later, I feel renewed, re-energized, and ready to energize my studio room, my home, and myself along with my husband! He also chuckles at that, but he is my biggest support!

Speaking of hubby, we just passed our 24th Anniversary on February 1st, and it has been a wonderful ride. He is my biggest support, my loudest cheerleader, and my best grounding when I need to get my head out of the clouds. He’s been so patient with me as I try to figure out this “website thing”, marketing, and working from home in hopes that MixedElementals will grow.

Looking forward to seeing what I will learn in 2017 and what I can share with you.

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