Foot Jewelry, Teaching, and Encouraging – All In A Day’s Work.

Hello! It’s me again… once again peddling my wares (jewelry) in the community. This time, a little further away – about an hour’s drive – in Cottage Country! Cottage Country Spring Fling, at the Lindsay Fairgrounds, May 21st. The venue was huge, being part of about 130 vendors. Lots to be seen and lots to touch and talk about. My booth included.  A great way to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Birthday!

New this time around, I had my MixedElementals Foot Sandal Wraps. An open-ended foot sandal that has a “toe-loop”, goes up the foot, and the two ends wrap around the ankle. Perfect for the beach, destination weddings, boho-chic, and accessorizing pretty feet (or making feet pretty)! Here’s a picture of my feet, with the yellow gold foot sandal wrap. As I was demonstrating with my plaster foot prop, people gathered around to see what all the hubaloo was about. Foot Sandal Wraps — love it!

Also popular were the wire wrapped Intention Chakra stones I had available. Each one has a description of the stone, and what it is used for. Popular requests were for good dreams, better sleep, and calming the mind. Selenite, Opalite, and Sodalite were the first three that came to mind, including our Apatite stone. All were wire wrapped as a pendant that could be hung from their own chain or keyring.

Chakra Bracelets, including those for aromatherapy were also available, and picked up. Lava stone and rosewood beads did the trick. These bracelets were created with both male & female in mind – unisex. A mother came by to pick one up for her son that needs something to fidget with, and infuse with a calming oil.

It was wonderful meeting with new people, and chatting about life, and if they wanted to know, share my knowledge with them about the uses of these special stones. Stones and Chakras are my first love. As a girl, I would always be walking the beach, collecting buckets of “rocks” and bringing them home to my mom. I have always had a connection with water, stones, and nature — and they always bring me to a calm centre in a world that sometimes goes a “little tilted”.

I will have some of these items for sale in my Square Up Shop, and my Etsy Shop — go ahead and browse – and check back frequently, as I will be adding more to these shops! Remember to hit your “back” button to get back to this post.


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