Not a busy show? Here’s what I do with my time…

Hello! It’s me again!  This time, I was at the Pickering Recreation Centre for the Spring Marketplace Craft show. As far as shows go, it wasn’t as busy as some of the others I’ve been to.  This show was a little more challenging since it was during a huge swim meet, with a very full parking lot — but that is absolutely NO fault of the organizer. There was a good mix of vendors, and some new faces that I haven’t seen in the craft fair circuit.  Some of these new faces I’ll be meeting again at future craft shows.   It is always good to meet new people, network, pick the creative brains of other vendors, and see what is out there.  There were a lot of “walk quickly by” people, possibly filling some time while their kids are at the swim meet.  On the plus side, after unloading my car, and finding a parking spot, I got a good walk back to the venue!

Keeping Busy During Some “Downtime”

I also brought my tools and some supplies for some “creative time”.  Some people dropped by and asked what I was working on – I am always happy to stop and chat, tools in hand, and talk about the creative process. I’m not sure what this is going to be yet, but stay tuned…it’s starting to look like something very pretty and sparkly. Who knows?  Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have any ideas you can share — What should this be? Creative input? or just how do you like it so far? 

Not all shows will be hugely successful, but every show has something you can bring back with you.  New people met, new friends made, and more exposure and networking for your business. Of course, I want all my shows to be a fantastical success – who wouldn’t want that for their business? But the main thing is to keep your chin up, remain optimistic, and look forward to the new and exciting things that will be coming your way.  I get to work from home, create my own pieces of wearable art, while keeping a loving and positive home for my husband to come back to after a long day at his work.

My next show will be on April 29th, in Whitby — Spring Bazaar  See you there!

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