Road Trip!! Gathering More Little Pretties!!!

Yesterday was quite a day! I decided to do a ‘crystal hunt’ at the Toronto Gem & Mineral Show at the Don Mills Civilian Arena.  I was sooooo glad I was there when the doors opened at 10am! By noon it was a packed house- with vendor tables about 3 people deep!

At this show I discovered new stones and gems for future creations – one of them being the clear Lodalite Quartz facetted nuggets pictured above (on the string) and some Gorgeous tear shaped  Lodalite (or Shaman Quartz). These have SUCH fascinating mineral formations within, I see something new every time I gaze into it’s depths!  And Shaman Quartz crystal has such GREAT ENERGY!!  Look for these on line (hopefully in the near future), and at my Fall/Winter shows.

I met some great vendors from Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, and all over Canada. There were more jewelry vendors there than last year, so I guess it made my decisions on which suppliers to go to easier.  And as I was picking out my strands, I met some other jewelry designers doing their shopping. We discussed our favourite stones, how long we’ve been at it, and how passionate we are about it! I just wish I got their cards/contact info — it’s always good to connect with fellow designers and artists. The energy bouncing off each other was extraordinary!

I also picked up some stunning Peridot and Amethyst — and I found my long searched for facetted Blue Chalcedony.  Yaaaay!! Go Me — and the Treasure Hunt!!!

Once I got home, the first thing I posted on Facebook was “Back from the Toronto Gem and Mineral show. Time for a nap!!…”  Yes, I am one of these people that after I come back from a large gathering, or huge crowds, I need solace and alone time — my ‘batteries’ run out, and recharging is required! So, nap time was my time!

This week, I’ll be taking part in a 5-Day Challenge run on-line by the Jewelry Business Incubator site on Facebook called “Pretty Little Profits”. It is to help me focus on what I want to do with MixedElementals Jewelry, and how I can meet my goals. We all need a little direction, right?

Until next time — stay tuned!

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